“Some of my best childhood memories are from my race training days at Bousquet. I’ve returned to the mountain with my kids and I’m so excited that they also have the opportunity to grow up at Bousquet!” Ana Cordon Suffish, Berkshire County Champion, PHS Alpine Team Building State Champions, 1989. Mom of Gaby and Zach, Interclub members

“We switched to Bousquet for the 2007 season when my daughter joined the Bousquet Ski Club as an Interclub Racer. She’s progressed to Tri-State and qualified for the USAA Eastern Finals the last two years. My son is now nine and has raced Interclub for three years. He looks forward to following in his sister’s footsteps. We can’t say enough good things about the Bousquet ski coaches and their programs.”  Carolyn King, Racer Mom

“The race program at Bousquet for many years has been an invaluable asset for the development of young skiers in the Berkshires. The core fundamentals taught to these young skiers will last a lifetime.”
Chris Shields, Director of Adult Race League, Coach


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